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Holiday Clubs and Workshops

We are excited to be able to offer our drama, games, crafts and dressing up activities for a number of events including Holiday clubs and weekly or monthly drama workshops. With so many themes to choose from there really is something for everyone. Our workshops have been enjoyed by children and adults alike.   

We are happy to tailor the workshops to meet the requirements of the participants.

Here’s what David from the Leisure Club at Mildenhall CRU said about our workshops...

'Susie has worked with us on several projects at Mildenhall Leisure Club and we have just completed sessions on the theme of music hall with a group of people with learning disabilities. Susie is able to use her skills to encourage inclusion both within the group and on an individual level. Her sessions built week on week working towards a performance for the last session.

What's in the box provides an ideal platform for exploring individual’s imagination whilst encouraging people to work together within a group which helps to build their own self-confidence. It can also be an aid to team building as everyone (staff included) is encouraged to join in and take part. Sessions are adaptable so if something seems not to be working too well Susie will change it to suit the session.’

Please do get in touch; we will be very happy to provide further details!


Holiday Clubs and Workshops